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Johanna Milla Engdahl has exhibited internationally, living in Mariehamn, Aland in Finland. She performs in a variety of media, from abstract to portraits and crafts. Born in 1949 in Sverdlovsk, who grew up in the former Soviet Union, is a civil engineer in the food industry graduated in Odessa, and a Ph.D. in Sociology in Moscow, where she has been working as a researcher in industry and as a teacher and vice principal at a high school. As an Abstract Artist, Johanna opens herself to creatively capture the energy and colours of nature. She creates nature and the beauty of the human spirit in her way on canvas through Abstract Art, crafts and art photography. Her life is a magical journey that continues to add to her creative experiences.

Solo exhibitions:

2018,  Art exhibition ”November Joy” , Jomala library, Jomala, Aland, Finland

2018, Galleri Rospiggen, Täby during the exhibition Konst i Roslagen in Sweden

2018, Solo art & photo exhibition, Gallery at Folkhälsan på Åland, Mariehamn, Aland, Finland

2018, Art gallery, Library of Enebyberg, Danderyd, Stockholm, Sweden

2016, Gallery, Handicampen, Mariehamn, Aland 2015, Konstrundan in Finland, Engdahl`s Ateljè & Gallery, Lemland, Aland 2015, 2013, Art gallery, Library of Lumparland, Aland 2014, Children`s Museum, Tallinna Huvikeskus Kullo Galerii, The Old City of Tallinn, Estland 2014, Art gallery Engleson, The Old City of Stockholm, Sweden 2013, 2012, Art Relay for Scandinavians artists, Gallery Ängel, The Old City of Stockholm, Sweden 2013, Café Uffe on the Mountain, Finström, Aland 2012, Art gallery, Library of Krestovskij octrov, S-Petersburg, Russia 2012, Art gallery Ensta, Roslag Painter’s Association exhibition, Taby, Sweden

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